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3 Essential Rules To Maximizing Your
Practice Routine on the Drums


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Making A Difference - In Their Own Words

Thanks for the awesome feedback Jay, I’m loving the personalized video! ~Brendan Bensley

Brendan B

I've been using TDA now for many years. Knowing how much there is to learn to become a better drummer, I am thankful that I found Jay’s site. ~Nathan Handley

Nathan H.

Hi Jay, I’m happy to be a part of the drummers almanac. I just need to know the site and have a routine. I Hope your site will give me a little inspiration! ~Søren Bengtsson

Søren B.

TDA is a good way to practice whenever you have time to spare. It helps me to update my rusty skills and even improve them! Thanks Jay! ~Martijn Schoonhoven

Martijn S.

Jay Fenichel is the real deal! This has done more for my playing in one year then anything I have ever done in the first ten years of my playing by far. ~Steve D'Andria

Steve D.

I really like your site and have had memberships to a few of them. Especially the part where you help students design a practice routine and set goals ~Craig Thatcher

Craig T.

I do not get discouraged like I would with other instructional videos and I’m getting positive results I can see and feel in my playing in just the first 2 weeks. ~Randy Severino

Randy S.

You can take lessons with the greats & buy the top 10 drum books, but that won’t make you a great player. Practice has to be focused to develop your skills. ~Brendan Bensley

Brendan B.

I have stopped lessons with my teacher here in SA and use your site exclusively. ~Kevin Berman

Kevin B.
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