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Making A Difference - In Their Own Words

Mitch’s Testimonial

You play a drum set the same way a
 master musician plays the piano. Every
 note is intended, and accounted for. You play the drums as a melody instrument.
 As if it were chromatic—capable
 of sharps, flats, chords, vibrato, and sustains. You have a discipline that only comes from
 years of study, and really, really loving the
 drums. I am so inspired listening to you.

Dr Mitch Sojack

Steve’s Testimonial

10 days of practicing triple paradiddles. I can do this at 70 now. Mostly. I’ll have it at 80 in a month. I hope!

Steve D'Andrea

Nathan’s Testimonial

Each day do I do one practice routine for each category as per the curriculum (say Monday: Triplet Sprints at 90, Flam Beats at 85, and the Endurance Chart at 80) depending on my skill level? This would still make practice about 60mins each day or so.

Nathan Handley

Jason’s Testimonial

Thanks, Jay. As a late starter on the kit studies, I’ve always felt like I needed to “make up time”, proficiency-wise, by playing very technically in my solos. Thanks for the reminder and the means of thinking firstly of the music at hand.

Jason Sharp

Jesse’s Testimonial

Really Love these Lessons!

Jesse E Pasmino

Jerry’s Testimonial

Jay your lesson, once again is spot on. You’re putting out some very useful information. I’ve been playing drums forever and never had anybody explain how to play a drum solo, that kept the audience engaged. I’ve had a lot of success over the years playing and expanding on two classic cover drum solos. Now I can use your lesson info to build a solo of my own.

Jerry Ranney

Brendan’s Testimonial

I am confident that Jay’s site is going to make a massive difference in my playing, not just by passively watching the videos, but by actually working through the exercises with Jay on a daily basis. What is also an extremely valuable feature is the video feedback section and the fact you can request a specific curriculum from Jay…

Brendan Bensley

Steve’s Testimonial

(About the 6/8 Sprint exercise) Wow! This one actually made me sweat!! My left forearm was on fire by the end of round two.

Steve D'Andrea

Chris Jones

It is so refreshing to hear a drummer talk about drumming in words other than pure technique!

Chris Jones

Mary’s Testimonial

I’m delighted to have these finger exercises and lessons. They will increase the strength and control in my hands, fingers and improve my speed and chops. Thank you so much for this opportunity, and I look forward to all you’ll bring in further emails. You’re great, you and your partners! Thanks a million.

Mary Hattrup

Mark’s Testimonial

I’m getting a lot out of the Drummer’s Almanac. I’ve been playing for many years, but what I’m finding really valuable is getting right back to basics and replacing some not so good habits (through being mostly self-taught), with better ones. It’s a great discipline for me to slow things right down and ‘re-program’ myself. Plus there’s plenty there to stretch…

Mark Van Gogh

Steve’s Testimonial

The (Accents with Feet) are feeling some much better and more natural after doing them for a few months! …and Wow! (About the 6/8 Sprint exercise) This one actually made me sweat!! My left forearm was on fire by the end of round two. Thanks!!

Steve D'Andrea

Kevin’s Testimonial

I have stopped lessons with my teacher here in SA and use your site exclusively.

Kevin Berman

Randy’s Testimonial

What is amazing about your site is, even if I can not not keep up with certain syllabus in your lessons I do not get discouraged like I would with other instructional videos. Even If I am having trouble with a sticking or something I can’t grasp right away, not only did you help me but…

Randy Severino

Craig’s Testimonial

I really like your site and have had memberships to a few of them. I have been playing for over 30 years and a yamaha, remo vic sabian endorser for over 20. The #1 reason I signed up at the drummers almanac is to have you help me design a practice routine…

Craig Thatcher

Steve’s Testimonial

Jay Fenichel is the real deal! If you are serious about drumming and music you must give this site a try. This has done more for my playing in one year then anything I have ever done in the first ten years of my playing by far.

Steve D'Andrea

Martijn’s Testimonial

TDA is a good way to practice whenever you have time to spare. It helps me to update my rusty skills and even improve them! Jay is a enthusiastic teacher and like my big brother who is watching me, and encourages to practice every day to get some daily routine and become a better drummer!

Martijn Schoonhoven

Søren’s Testimonial

Hi Jay, I’m happy to be a part of the drummers almanac. I just need to know the site and have a routine. I Hope your site will give me a little inspiration!

Søren Bengtsson

Nathan’s Testimonial

I have been using TDA now for many years. Having only ever had a few formal lessons in my youth, and knowing how much there is to learn to become a better drummer, I am thankful that I found Jay’s site. I feel that my knowledge of drumming theory has increased exponentially, my practice routines have become more routine, easier to do and more fun, and my physical skills are improving every…

Nathan Handley

Brendan’s Testimonial

Thanks for the awesome feedback Jay, I’m loving the personalized video response! I’ve bought into Jay’s purpose behind the site – to help with and maintain a regular practice routine. You can take lessons with the greats and buy the top 10 books as voted by Modern Drummer magazine, but that in itself won’t make you a great player. The deciding factor has to be the time you put in away from the public…

Brendan B

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