Welcome To TDA...

Welcome To TDA...

"Getting great at the drums starts with having a strong foundation!  A lot of drummers think that their foundation is strong, but when they're really tested... they fall flat.

Check out the video  below to see if your foundation is strong."

-Jay Fenichel

"Getting Great At The Drums Starts With Having A Strong Foundation!  A Lot Of Drummers Think That Their Foundation Is Strong, But When They're Really Tested... They Fall Flat.

Check Out The Video  Below To See If Your Foundation Is Strong."  - Jay Fenichel

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I Can Help You Find Your Inner Rockstar On The Drums!

"For the past few years we've been working with TDA members And students to  make the Online "Learning Drums Experience" better.  We Do That by following this simple but effective path with all of our courses:" ~Jay


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