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About TheDrummersAlmanac.com

What is Thedrummersalmanac.com? This web site is a community of drummers on the Internet where musicians of all ages and levels can join in to develop their playing and attain that next level of skill on the drums!

We do this by offering not just lessons, but extensive, detailed practice sessions along with real-world applications of those techniques. In other words it’s like one-on-one, personal training on the drums where instead of stopping at the “how to,” we take you through the entire cycle of learning… Our PATH to transformation on the drums is simple:


That's the entire learning PATH …Start to finish! This creates an atmosphere of unbelievable focus which has created astonishing results for our members over the past few years...  and we are just getting started!!!


I started TDA back in 2012. My initial goal was to create a website with the sole purpose of providing all of my private students with an online resource to help them practice. These students were already studying with me personally, but I found that many of them didn't have the ability to practice correctly on their own.

They’d come in week after week with excuse after excuse of why they couldn’t practice. Some of it was laziness, some was lack of motivation, and a lot of it was just not being able to remember how to practice with the ability to stick to the assigned regiments.

What ever the reason, I found that 100% of students practiced perfectly when I was there to go through it with them. The main challenge was, this would waste a lot of valuable time in the drum lesson. Instead of learning something new and moving forward, so many students would spend that hour practicing with me.

So, that inspired the question; ‘How can I sit down and practice with all of my students every day and on their schedule?’ Thus, The drummersalmanac.com website was born.

After a while, as new students began joining the site we had another challenge to overcome. Since not every student was privy to my unique form of instruction, some students were reported having trouble keeping up with the practice schedule, even at the beginner tempos.

To answer that challenge I began drawing from my established off-line private lesson curriculum, reorganizing it into a series of online videos to help bridge that gap. Thus our drum lesson vault was born.

Since 2012, we continue to add features and most of all, listen to our member‘s suggestions on how to improve the educational process to this day.

This latest incarnation of the site (Currently our 4th rebuild) has been a challenge to create, but has been worth the efforts! I hope you all enjoy it and continue to Practice With Purpose! ” ~Jay


Jay Fenichel

TDA Founder

Jay has been a professional drum instructor since 1998. Jay is the owner and curator of TDA (TheDrummersAlmanac.com) which has taught over 4000 drum students. In addition to teaching, Jay has and continues to be a working musician... gigging, touring, and recording with a wide array of artists and musicians.

Michael D'Amelio

Design Coordinator

With 15 years of experience creating and managed projects, Mike has built amazing media for clients like Barielle Cosmetics, Billy Joel, Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Stolichnaya Vodka, Beefeater Gin, Hiram Walker and B&G Foods. Mike is the creative drive behind TDA.

Greg McQuillan

Technical Director

Greg is the technical director of TDA and a great drummer himself. Greg started out as one of Jay's drum students. Turns out he was also a wiz at building websites. Greg has an impressive resume of website and APP developments and is a constantly working to make TDA better.