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Top 10 Drum Myths Of All Time

This video explores some of my favorite drum myths that I’ve seen time and time again while teaching new students. It deals with some of the leading technical misnomers that are believed by drummers and musicians alike.

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How To Make Your Old Drums Look Like A Million Bucks – Part1 Staining

This past Summer (2018) I embarked on this journey to refinish my old Pearl drum set on my own with no professional help. My goal was to have a finished drum set that rivals my GMS Grand Master Series drum kit that I bought way back in 1995. Now that the project is completed, I can finally say that the drums came out even better than I had hoped. I also decided to document the entire process so I can share the entire drum set rebuild with all of my members and followers.

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Drummers: Lifting Each Other Up

I just got back from this marketing conference in Phoenix, AZ. I know… “Marketing Conference”… sounds exciting. right? Well as it turns out, the experience was life-changing. I was just blown away, not by the workshops that I attended, but how this community of like-minded individuals all worked together to help one another succeed.

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