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Beta Sign-Up Instructions


Welcome!!! First Watch This Video To Learn More About The BETA!

Welcome to the first step of your TDA BETA Registration!  Please read all of this information carefully.  I want this test to be as true to the real thing as possible.  So, to start a test of the registration process,  Please read on...


Access to this BETA test is FREE!  In the next step you will see a pricing table so... DON'T GET SCARED!!!  This will become the first step for everyone else, once we launch to the public ... (minus this page that you are currently reading)... so I do need to test this step.

This BETA test is set to last for one month after you sign up.  If you choose to stay on after the test, simply do nothing.  Your tuition payment will be automatically charged in 30 days and you'll officially become a TDA Path member.

If you just want to be part of the BETA test and don't wish to continue as a TDA Path member, you can simply cancel your membership through the"My Account" page on the beta site at any time during the next 30 days. (This process is something I also need to test, so don't feel bad) ... So technically, you can join the test and then immediately cancel.  You'll still have complete access for the 30-day test, but will never be charged in the future.

(Don't Forget Your BETA Coupon Code From Your Email)

BONUSES ...If You Stay:

I do sincerely hope you see the value and enjoy the site so much that you do decide to stay.  If that is the case, you'll enjoy the awesome discounted BETA rate as long as you remain a member.

As an added bonus I am also offering a LIFETIME membership.  Again, you won't be charged that today, but it's a great option if you only want to pay once and be part of TDA forever.  No subscription... just one payment and you're in forever!

That option will become extinct after this test... but it's not something you have to decide today.  I will provide an upgrade path to the lifetime membership at any point during this 30-day BETA test.  Just email me and I'll send you instructions and a link.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me

Finally... Let the BETA begin!  Here's what you can expect:

  1. Click to the NEXT PAGE and select a plan:  Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually
  2. A cart page will come up asking for your financial information.  At this point, make sure to add and apply the coupon code from your email to discount to the BETA rate.  The cart will automatically show you a zero balance for 30-days.  (*Note: In our initial test we found that when copy/pasting your coupon code into the coupon field the "APPLY" button didn't come up on some devices.  If that happens, you just need to 'type' into that field to activate it... so delete the last character of the coupon code and replace it.  Then the "APPLY" button should appear.)
  3. Once you submit your info, you'll be directed to a page offering the LIFETIME option.  If you choose this, it will automatically switch your registration and cancel your previous choice (of Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually).
  4. Once that is complete it will set up your registration and send you an email with your new password and login for the BETA site.  That's it... You're in.

... If you have any issues please reach out to me at

OK... So now let's continue to your TDA BETA registration:

(Don't Forget Your BETA Coupon Code From Your Email)