Top 10 Drum Myths Of All Time
This video explores some of my favorite drum myths that I've seen time and time again while teaching new students. It deals with some of the leading technical misnomers that are believed by drummers and musicians alike.
What Made You Want To Play The Drums?
What inspired you to want to play the drums? I know I'm kinda putting you on the spot, so maybe it would be better if I shared some of my story with you first... a little quid pro quo.
Home Made Roller Assembly For Finishing Your Drums
Once I got going with the drum re-build... I quickly realized that my original solution for finishing the drums via the makeshift "lazy susan" wasn't gonna cut it when it came down to adding the polyurethane and sanding.
How To Make Your Old Drums Look Like A Million Bucks – Part 2: Hardware Upgrade
My first thought was to have all of the drum hardware powder coated black. Since I lack the gear and the know-how to do it myself, I had to look into a service. I called a bunch of places. Out of the three shops that got back to me, the price quotes were well beyond what I was willing to spend on this rag-tag drum set.
How To Make Your Old Drums Look Like A Million Bucks – Part1 Staining
This past Summer (2018) I embarked on this journey to refinish my old Pearl drum set on my own with no professional help. My goal was to have a finished drum set that rivals my GMS Grand Master Series drum kit that I bought way back in 1995. Now that the project is completed, I can finally say that the drums came out even better than I had hoped. I also decided to document the entire process so I can share the entire drum set rebuild with all of my members and followers.