This Video: Explaining All Of The Aspect Of The Time Signature.

MODULE 2 Review:
Let's Go Over Each Question One More Time:

  • What Are The 4 Feelings Associated With Sticking?


  • In terms of coordination on the drums; What Is The Difference Between Independence and Interdependence?


  • Is Knowing How To Read Music Absolutely Necessary to Becoming A Great Drummer?


  • When Reading Music, At Its Most Basic Level There Are Only Three Actions You Can Take On Your Instrument. What Are Those 3 Actions?


  • What Is The Function Of The Time Signature?
  • What Does The Top Number Of The Time Signature Represent?
  • What Does The Bottom Number Of The Time Signature Represent?


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  • Did You Get Something Out Of This Challenge?
  • Did You Nail It, Finding These Questions Redundant?
  • Do You Agree/Disagree With Some Of My Answers?

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