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  • A cappella (in chapel style )
    Sung with total no instrumental accompaniment.
  • Accent
    When (>) or (^) is placed above or below a certain note, emphasis is placed on that particular note, making it louder than the others. See also marcato.
  • Acoustic drums
    Drums / drum sets that generate a natural, organic sound when struck with no use of electronic triggers. Usually made of wood, metal or acrylic material.
  • adagio
    Represents a Very slow tempo marking in Italian.
  • Allegretto
    Represents a fairly quick tempo marking in Italian, but slightly slower than allegro.
  • Allegro
    Represents a lively, rather quick tempo in Italian.
  • Andante
    Represents a rather slow, at a moderate, walking pace tempo in Italian.
  • Andantino
    This used to mean a little slower tempo than andante, but now it usually means a little faster than andante.
  • Aria (Air)
    A song, usually synonymous with opera.
  • Backbeat (or Back Beat)

    A consistent rhythmic ostinado that accents beats 2 and 4 in common time (4/4), usually voiced on the snare drum. In other time signatures, the backbeat may land elsewhere. For example, the backbeat lands on beat 4 in 6/8 time.
  • Bass drum (kick drum)
    This is the lowest pitched drum in a concert band, orchestra, or marching band, played with a soft mallet.  On drum set it is played with a foot pedal and is also commonly called a kick drum.