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Home Made Roller Assembly For Finishing Your Drums

Home Made Roller Assembly For Finishing Your Drums.

|  By: Jay Fenichel  |  Jan 17th, 2019  |  

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This video is kind of a bonus entry in my "Drum Set Restoration" project.  Once I got going with the drum re-build... I quickly realized that my original solution for finishing the drums via the make shift "lazy susan" wasn't gonna cut it when it came down to adding the polyurethane and sanding. 

Trying to sand vertically, would be incredibly cumbersome and adding the poly sideways is just begging for runs and sags .  The easiest solution would have been to just stick the drums shell on a vertically suspended pole (like a coat rack) ...but that just seemed super ghetto.

Upon some investigating, I found that most real drum makers have a roller assembly that hold the shell vertical to the ground and allows you to spin the drum shell as you add your finish or do your sanding.

So with no instruction and just designing it in my head, I went ahead and built something similar using materials that I had lying around in my garage.

This device was a huge help in making this project go smooth and quick.  Even when I made mistakes, having this device allowed me to re-sand and start over again very easily.

I figured this build would be a cool thing to share with all of you.  It was cheap, easy to build and extremely helpful for completing this drum restoration project.

What are your thoughts on my make-shift drum finishing rig?  Leave me a comment below...

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