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Drumming Foundation Challenge Module 1 Review

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  • Kurt Risch says:

    I answered in slightly different ways from you, but I think we’re on the same page. I missed an exact match with you on accents. I’ve actually used the idea of accents as melody with my own students. I don’t know why I didn’t go there on this test.

    • Jay Fenichel says:

      Of course, there is a margin of error with some of these answers. I have found that most people tend to over complicate the answers. I like to make it so a 5-year-old can understand. As to accents. I explain it to my students using the drum solo to wipe out. If you play it with no accents… you just have 16th notes. The accents create the melody. Also, this is a great challenge to take your students through. Feels free to use it with them!

  • Kevin Berman says:

    Great lesson

  • Peter Barnett says:

    This my second time doing the challenge and I’m faring much better than the first time!

    • Jay Fenichel says:

      LOL… yup… that’s the idea. Repetition is the mother of skill… Keep going through it until you nail every answer. and welcome to TDA, Peter!!! Glad to have you here.

  • Jeff Stiern says:

    I understand these concepts. I need to get to work.

    • Jay Fenichel says:

      Can’t wait to see what you got! Also… I think you accidentally signed up twice. There were two separate PayPal profiles created. I went ahead fixed it for you. Check your email when you get a sec.

  • ANDREW BAUM says:

    This challenge was a very useful exercise and a nice opener for the course.

    • Jay Fenichel says:

      I just looked over your answers… You nailed like 90 percent of this… great job. That’s pretty rare and also means you have a pretty solid foundation.

  • Ed Thomas says:

    This exercise has help me sum up the very basics of the drums. I will be able to communicate effectively with my fellow musicians when interpreting how we should approach the beats and rhythmic phrasing of a particular song

    • Jay Fenichel says:

      that’s the idea… If the foundation is good and strong, then you can start building. You build on shifting sand… things never feel stable… even when you get more advanced.

  • Ricky ulrich says:

    Well I got 1 question right but I learned! Your answers Jay helped me with the basic terms and concepts to build on.

    • Jay Fenichel says:

      Great Ricky, I’m looking forward to our eval tomorrow… With this… I tried my best to keep the answers in the simplest terms possible… Long-winded “textbook” answers are what get most people into trouble, to begin with.

  • Jake Massey says:

    Really appreciating the assessment and the attached video descriptions that follow each answer. I am a strong believer in foundations, and I like how you stress the importance of truly understanding foundations of music.

  • Angelo Nitsis says:

    Revision of terms consolidates what we are actually learning

  • Kerrie Lermon says:


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