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  • Mateja Marelja says:

    I was wondering is there any way to see the full stroke in slow motion? It goes by so fast that I don’t even know how exactly it is done. Verbal explanations and demonstrations of the steps are useful, but I think it’s important to see the complete stroke nice and slow..Also, does the approach to the full stroke changes as you’re increasing the speed? I’m asking because I’m having a lot of trouble practing the rhythm chart 50bpm which is considered a beginner level. Everything starts falling apart already at eighth note triplets..Precisely, I’m losing so much energy and time on ‘catching the stick’ off the rebound that I can’t increase the speed. Is it really just a matter of strenghtening the hand in that way or does the approach changes somehow? Just some questions I thought were important…Btw, I like the site so far and I think I’m gonna stay in the membership.

    • jsonic23 says:

      Hey Mateja,
      Nice to see you here… and great questions. this stroke is so important, so taking the time to getting it right is crucial. Taking your suggestion, I have an older lesson from before the TDA days explaining the Full Stroke with a Slo-mo example. I just dug it out of the archives and uploading it. I am gonna throw that into the ‘Getting Started’ course. Doesn’t hurt to have this lesson in there twice and it is a fundamental. Here’s a link: /module-1/intro-the-full-stroke-on-drums/

    • jsonic23 says:

      To answer you other question… the faster you go, the less work you want to do. That’s why you have to get this down slowly, because as you get faster, you’ll start losing that rebound. Does your technique change as you get faster? Yes… to an extent. Think about bouncing a basketball once, then catching it. If you do that over and over it will be cumbersome, wasteful and not practical in a real world situation… Now think about dribbling a basketball… Same concept, but less energy and thought. To get from doing it ‘one time’ to being able to dribble it… is practice.

      • Mateja Marelja says:

        Hey, thanks for the video and the answers..It makes more sense now. will practice this till I get it right.

  • Peter Barnett says:

    The Rosanna Shuffle!

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