6/8 SPRINTS – The Drummers Almanac


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  • Justin Smith says:

    That was extremely tough on the 50bpm. Just the speed aspect. I’m not horrible at the drums and have no problem playing the other sticking, but if I’m having trouble with the speed I’m sure others are too. I’d think about making another one at 40 bpm if it’s in double time. Or just make a 60 bpm in real time. Just because it’s the first lesson.

    • jsonic23 says:

      Absolutely Justin. Back in the day when I was recording these practices live, I knew the level of most of the students who were following along. That’s no longer the case, now… Ideally, I’d like each practice unit to be at least 6 tempos deep. That’s my goal. I am working on the formal accents right now and just finished adding more tempos to the Speed course. That update is rolling out tomorrow… The Sticking course has tons of different exercises, but I intend to fill in each one, really breaking down the tempo in the first rounds.

  • Glenn Hamilton says:

    That made me sweat like a pig

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