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  • Kurt Risch says:

    Do you think this would be helpful for left hand traditional grip?

    • jsonic23 says:

      It sure would… In fact, I can guarantee it will, because I’ve done it. Even though traditional grip neglects some of these muscle groups while performing, developing those muscles will give you unquestionable balance. There is a way to practice these in the traditional position, but I think this way does a better job targeting the muscle groups.

      • Kurt Risch says:

        i’ll give it a go for sure. i feels really awkward.

        • jsonic23 says:

          That’s a clear sign of where your finger strength stands. I remember when I was first given this exercise. My teacher was also a traditional user but insisted I do these exercises this way. It took a long time to find the balance in my left hand… but as those muscles strengthen, you’ll feel a ton of new balance in that week hand. Just watch for tension and bad form. Do these right!

  • Kurt Risch says:

    Yikes; just finding a grip on these is tricky. I’m going to have to do the warm-ups only ‘tll I can hold the stick all the way through.

    • Jay Fenichel says:

      Eye-opening, right? Shows you just how weak, your fingers are and how much you’re not using them!

  • Anders Grove Poulsen says:

    Dammit, I can only find the pinky if I have the top of my thumb on top of the stick, and not the base of the thumb on the stick.. I noticed a bit that it gets harder and harder to find, the more tired my thumb gets. Maybe I just don’t have the flexibility yet, because this stretch is something you never do, outside of this exercise?

  • Glenn Hamilton says:

    Man that is rough for the first time. Almost got it though at 40

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