MOELLER 3’s CHART Pg.1 – The Drummers Almanac


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  • Justin Smith says:

    Im not a great drummer, hell I’m not even good. As evidenced by not being able to perform alternating at this tempo. I can get it around 50 but when I had in my left my mind gets crossed. Is this a muscle memory thing or should I be working on Independence first. Because the same thing happens with finger control singles. I can get both hands going by themselves, but once I try alternating my left hand gets completely out of whack. Thanks for TDA though man. It’s awesome and you got a great product.

  • Glenn Hamilton says:

    Found it much harder at 60bpm

    • Jay Fenichel says:

      Getting the motion slow and consistent is key… the goal is to shut down muscles when you do Moeller exercises… but at slower tempos, the momentum doesn’t give you much help… So it’s a delicate balance

  • Glenn Hamilton says:

    Left had a little rough. Got to work on these more.

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