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  • Kurt Risch says:

    After a week it’s better, but I’ve still got a ways to go.

  • Kurt Risch says:

    Feeling good enough about this tempo to move up.

    • jsonic23 says:

      That’s it Kurt… Just nurture the habit. These will just become part of you. It’s not something that you’ll notice after doing it once… but in a few months of doing it, these exercises will transform your vocabulary!

  • Peter Barnett says:

    It’s great to do it along with you. I’ve never practiced full strokes before!

  • Peter Barnett says:

    The Combination Triangle! So cool to do it along with you. It’s been so daunting to do it alone. This is great, I’m loving it!

    • Jay Fenichel says:

      Great Peter… That what it was initially created for… and I did it on a live stream every Thursday with my students… that’s why you’ll hear me say things like… “It’s Thursday… time for Rhythm.” lol

  • Jake Massey says:

    Hi Jay, I finally made it through the 50 bpm combinations after playing the different rhythms on my practice pad for a couple of months at different tempos to get a feel for them.

    One important factor that you kept emphasizing is tapping with your feet. This is something I haven’t learned yet, and was wondering if you happen to have a general approach to this (e.g., alternating feet with each quarter note, or playing quarter notes with your right foot and eighth notes with the left, etc.)? Would you happen to have some specific exercises to do to get the feet in coordination with the tempo?

    Thank you,

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