RHYTHM CHART 60BPM – The Drummers Almanac


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  • Kurt Risch says:

    3/19/18 First time at 60. Added Hat on the beat. Nothing like a new challenge!

    • jsonic23 says:

      It’s so worth it Kurt… Even though you may feel like your playing takes a step back at first, this will ultimately give you more confidence in using each rhythm and free up your creativity later. Don’t focus on the end result… just nurture the habit of practicing this way. It becomes addicting!

  • Glenn Hamilton says:

    Real good this time through

  • Glenn Hamilton says:

    I did the whole thing for the first time. Really worked up a sweat

  • Glenn Hamilton says:

    7lets. There is a jazz rhythm that goes through my head with accents on the downs—DadaDadaDadada RlRlRll. Can’t remember the tune or who plays it but it plays in my head when doing 7s

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