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What is amazing about your site is, even if I can not keep up with the certain syllabus in your lessons, I do not get discouraged like I would with other instructional videos. Even If I am having trouble with a sticking or something I can’t grasp right away, not only did you help me, but I think back to how much I have absorbed in just the first couple of weeks out ways the frustration. In other words, the big picture is, I’m getting positive results I can see and feel in my playing in just the first 2 weeks.

Randy Severino

Porter Ranch, CA

I really like your site and have had memberships to a few of them. I have been playing for over 30 years and a Yamaha, Remo, Vic, Sabian endorser for over 20. The #1 reason I signed up at the drummer's almanac is to have you help me design a practice routine . I have been a full time teacher for a long time and helping students to practice the right things, the right way so I am looking forward to the part of your program where you help students design a practice routine and set goals.

Craig Thatcher

Drum Instructor - Santa Barabara, CA