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Top 10 Drum Myths Of All Time

Top 10 Drumming Myths Of All Time

|  By: Jay Fenichel  |

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Top 10 Drum  Myths

This video explores some of my favorite drum myths that I've seen time and time again while teaching new students.  It deals with some of the leading technical misnomers that are believed by drummers and musicians alike.

This is not a bunch of myths surrounding famous drummers... That would be a topic for another video.

There are, of course more myths than this.  In fact I am working on another list to follow up this one.

Do you agree with my list?  What myths did I miss?  Let me know the comments below!


  • Miki says:


    you are a really clever drum player.
    I can see your marvelous, skilly, fast wrist jobs.
    I can’t do that, unfortunatelly.
    I am living in a apartmen hous, therefor sold long time ago my drum set. Too big cacophony was!
    Recently only watch and i enjoy!

    All the best!
    Good teaching!
    All hail!


    • Jay Fenichel says:

      Thanks Miki… don’t underestimate pad work. There is so much that can be done on a simple drum pad. About 80% of my website is dedicated to padwork practice… When I was younger, I lived in an apartment for years with that same issue. But, I still taught my private students right in the apartment. You can look into an electronic drumset… A pad drumset or an acoustic drum set with sound muted heads and cymbals. Zildgian makes low volume cymbals. Evans and Remo make low volume heads. Here’s an example of that setup:

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