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What Made You Want To Play The Drums?

What Made You Want To Play The Drums?  Share your Story...

|  By: Jay Fenichel  |

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​What inspired you to want to play the drums?

This video is a continuation of my drumming journey story that I started in the email that linked you to this post.  Do me a favor and check out the video above to hear the rest of my story... The next thing I would love for you to do is tell me some of your story.

  • What inspired you to start playing the drums?
  • What are your goals today?

Thanks for checking out this vlog and for being part of the TDA community.  Now don't chicken out... Even it's just a couple of sentences...

Please take a minute and leave it in the comments below!


  • Tom Stark says:

    OK, when I was a kid my dad played drums and had a Gretsch round badge kit. What kid could see and hear those drums and not want to play? Well, I tried on my own, and could play 1 or 2 grooves, and keep time, but I was really not very good. Well, I kept playing, got a little better, then married and son and that Gretsch white pearl kit got put in the basement as life got in the way. Then in 2010 there was a management shake up where I worked, and my problem solving skills were no longer needed, all that was needed was for me to “shut up, don’t ask questions, and do what you’re told!” Yeah, I needed something creative in my life again. So I started playing again. Then on 7/7/11 my life got turned upside down as I was diagnosed with a treatable, but incurable cancer of the immune system. So I thought, “maybe I should get serious!” Well, I did get serious, and have stayed serious. I got to play in a big band, a couple jazz combos, and even some rock and roll (but I really love jazz!). Well, I am now in my second relapse, and still playing drums!

  • theo geo says:

    started playing very simply ? cause I had a natural talent for it and ever since ive procrastinated into a 62 yr ole frustrated player , and lazy……so if ya want to become like Vinnie or jay? love it and practice like u love it ……dont get lazy…..I wasted alot of my God given talent and sometimes wish I wasnt just given the gift to play …..rock on people….thanks Jay for all u do ….Ted

    • Jay Fenichel says:

      Hey Ted, I appreciate that. Remember, age is just a number. You are never too old to learn and develop new skills. Colonel Sanders created his Kentucky Fired Chicken Empire in his 70’s… Imagine the learning curve there!

  • Michael Deaton says:

    We were stationed in the Azores in 1960. The music teacher at the Air Force base (Lajes Fld.), was Miss Gladys Zabilka… She was in her 50’s and looked like Ernie Bilko (Phil Silvers)! She dressed in black, lacy 1930’s styles with black, block heeled sensible shoes… Formidable, especially to 9 to 19 year olds ! But she smiled all the time !!
    She got me singing in the Grade School Chorus ( black robes, huge white collar and big red bows , oh yes…), the Song Flute Bands ( Concert and Marching…) and the Mixed School Concert/Dance and Marching Bands, as well as Dance (remember the bamboo sticks clacking as you danced over and between them ?)
    The Chorus of elementary kids sang The Hallelujah Chorus, no kidding, we went all over the place singing it !!
    I got to play drumset with the high school band, march in military parades with my best friend, slinging a 10″x14″ snare around… I can still play all the Armed Forces Service Songs on Song Flute,Tonette or Flutophone !!
    She was the one who gave me the love of music and performing that still carries me forward and onward, and along with my families, give meaning and purpose to my life,,, !!

  • Gary Guthrie says:

    My journey began with, I think Sandy Nelson and Richard Starkey. Then John Bonham, Don Brewer and of course Carmine Appice and many other drummers of that era.
    Then I heard a Coltrane record with Elvin and totally blew me away!
    No I am not a pro but just love playing the drums and learning. Recently retired and have been playing and practicing more than ever,
    Thanks for sharing and your well thought out video lessons!
    All the best

  • Bill Foster says:

    I’m old. So Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich was it for me. Later Ringo, John Bonham. Now Virgil Donati, Thomas Lang, Dave Weckl, Simon Phillips, David Garibaldi. I gave up drums all together for a long time. Now I’m retired. So I would just like to learn the basics of drumming which I didn’t learn when I was younger which really screwed me up. So learning how to read, would be a Goal for me. Hope this isn’t long but this is great story. I did a lesson with David Garibaldi at his house, in his garage, in his studio. I have wanted to learn how to play what is hip for years. I lost a audition years ago because the first song they asked me to play was what is hip. So I lost that audition of course. So, I’m with David, and he says what can I help you with? Now remember I’m older now I’m hoping he can just physically show me how to play what is hip. I made the mistake of telling him I didn’t know how to read, so he say’s really, ok then this is where we will start. 1 e & ah 2 e & ah 3 e & ah 4 e & ah. Lol. So first & last lesson. So when I seen you breaking it down for everybody, that is really all I really wanted. So, still don’t know how to play it yet. But I can go back to that video that you made & check it out. Thanks for starting a new path I hope I can finish. Peace & Love to all the drummers out there.

  • simon brocklebank says:

    Watching one of the older students at school play in a concert made me fascinated by rhythm and the idea of playing the drums.
    Nowadays it’s still the same. Whenever I see a band I’m still gripped by the sight of the drummer and the sound of the kit. Now I listen a lot to Gavin Harrison, Craig Blundell, Mike Portnoy or Marco Minneman and am equally inspired and motivated to go to my kit and try to explore the sounds and grooves I can make.

  • Isaac says:

    Whenever I see a drummer playing on stage, it motivate me and really inspire me in learning the drum.

  • Stefan Freeman says:

    I’m 62 now and started learning and playing drums about 10 years ago after seeing a lot of bands in clubs and also finding out about electronic drum sets that allowed me to find out if I wasn’t a hopeless case at the drums (I wasn’t) and practice without getting sued by neighbors. I took lessons at a drum school for several years. I had and still have a sort of adolescent approach – I just want to be cool and play rock ‘n roll πŸ™‚ Since I learned to read notes for piano when I was young, reading drum notes was not so difficult. And with transriptions and playalongs all over the internet I’ve got quite a collection of songs I can play (although not by heart). I’m in a cover band with friends and my highlight this year was being one of 250 drummers in a stadium concert in Frankfurt Germany with 1002 musicians (see http://www.rockin1000.com).

  • Kevin V Shoats says:

    Ive always loved hearing beatssince about the 5th grade

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